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The folks at CNN have rendered internet users a service with the following article: 5 reasons your online-chat pals may block you

I think it’s a useful tool for all of us who indulge in chats. A few weeks ago I accepted a friend request from an old friend. As I read her writings I discovered that she had become, in the decades since we last met, decidedly right-wing in her politics and religion. Also she was active in the obnoxious (to me) games that clutter FaceBook pages. She sent me four posts, 3 of them reprimanding me for various comments I had made on these pages. Feeling that I didn’t really need either the stimulus of her positions or criticisms (not that they are wrong or unimportant to her), I decided to reaffirm my feeling that chats are for warm interchange and fun. I blocked her.

I also take people off my FaceBook “friends” from time to time because I only want to have 40. More than that and I find myself spending more time on it than I want to. Folks that only lurk (don’t contribute) Or who CNN describes in its piece quoted above get quietly axed.

Nothing personal here. Feelings shouldn’t be hurt, but often are. But to paraphrase my hero, Jesus, a bit. FaceBook was made for us, not us for FaceBook.

I believe that.


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