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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Birthday Questions…

I’ve wondered if it’s just me or if others suffer occasional vivid memories of things done and/or said way back in the past that should have been long forgotten. I hate that. Maybe it’s lifes way of saying “You thought you got away with that, didn’t you? Well, you didn’t!”

Here’s a poem, shared by Garrison Keillor this morning, to let us sinners know we’re not alone. Appropriate on one’s 82nd birthday – right?


by Lawrence Raab

Every day there’s something old
to feel sorry about—
what I should have done and didn’t,
or what I did, and kept on doing.

I want to believe
everyone’s forgotten by now.
Then I picture them thinking back.

And those who’ve died
and earned the wisdom death allows
just shake their heads and sigh.
“Very funny,” my father would say

after my sister and I played
some cruel little joke on him.
“Ha, ha,” he’d add,
to let us know he got the point.

We want to forget
until we start to forget.
We want the past to change,
and we want it back.

“Enough is enough,”
my father used to say
to tell us it was over.

“Regret” by Lawrence Raab, from The History of Forgetting. © Penguin Poets, 2009. Reprinted with permission.


An Introvert Offline is an Introvert Online…

One key to my life is the recognition, by myself and by those who may love me, of the fact that I am an introvert. Fine social skills but low social tolerance. Greta Garbo said it well; “I vant to be alone…” (at least a lot of the time.) I am not a party pooper, but am almost invariably pooped by the party.

There you have it.

But wait. Today I got to read one of my favorite and vital (to me) blogs; “The Introvert’s Corner. How to live a quiet life in a noisy world” – by Sophia Dembling.

She applied our mutual affliction to blogging and came up with some insights that caught my feelings and my spirit precisely.

One of the real advantages to blogging is discovering kindred spirits who express your feelings better than you can yourself.

Best Blog on the Internet (IMHO)…

It’s Roger Ebert’s.

Try it and see.


Roger Ebert wrote it;

“You know what a bore is, Travis. Someone who deprives you of solitude without providing you with companionship.”

Pretty darned good, I’d say.

Three Types of Blogs…

Ron Byrnes clarifies something about blogging that I’ve wondered about, but never quite been able to wrap my mind around. The different types of blogging that people produce.

He says: “I’m not entirely sure, but I have some hypotheses. Think of the blogosphere in terms of a continuum with writers either off the stage altogether, on the stage’s edge, or center stage. Put differently, there are blogs focused almost exclusively on impersonal specialized content of some sort; other blogs that focus on the sometimes personal application of relatively impersonal specialized content, and blogs whose content is in essence the personal details of the author’s life.”

You can find his blog on the subject here

My blogging tends toward the “stage’s edge” .

I read blogs of all three types, enjoying all the ones I read; especially those with a touch of subtlety and irony, but not those that suffocate with detail.