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Three Types of Blogs…

Ron Byrnes clarifies something about blogging that I’ve wondered about, but never quite been able to wrap my mind around. The different types of blogging that people produce.

He says: “I’m not entirely sure, but I have some hypotheses. Think of the blogosphere in terms of a continuum with writers either off the stage altogether, on the stage’s edge, or center stage. Put differently, there are blogs focused almost exclusively on impersonal specialized content of some sort; other blogs that focus on the sometimes personal application of relatively impersonal specialized content, and blogs whose content is in essence the personal details of the author’s life.”

You can find his blog on the subject here

My blogging tends toward the “stage’s edge” .

I read blogs of all three types, enjoying all the ones I read; especially those with a touch of subtlety and irony, but not those that suffocate with detail.


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