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An Introvert Offline is an Introvert Online…

One key to my life is the recognition, by myself and by those who may love me, of the fact that I am an introvert. Fine social skills but low social tolerance. Greta Garbo said it well; “I vant to be alone…” (at least a lot of the time.) I am not a party pooper, but am almost invariably pooped by the party.

There you have it.

But wait. Today I got to read one of my favorite and vital (to me) blogs; “The Introvert’s Corner. How to live a quiet life in a noisy world” – by Sophia Dembling.

She applied our mutual affliction to blogging and came up with some insights that caught my feelings and my spirit precisely.

One of the real advantages to blogging is discovering kindred spirits who express your feelings better than you can yourself.


One response to “An Introvert Offline is an Introvert Online…

  1. Janet Hudgins November 15, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    Roger, if you haven’t yet read Ronni Bennett’s blog today you need to hop on over to Time Goes By.
    She covers the introvert subject today.

    I got a new Mac computer and I am undergoing a learning experience with it.
    I have plenty of IT help with my son, son in law, daughter and best of all 14 year old grandson who is a computer/MAC wiz.

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