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Guinea Fowl…

Yesterday Jo Ann had lunch with a good girl friend who had moved away. I decided to go out for some catfish at a local barbeque restaurant.

There’s a nice lake about a hundred feet away from my window seat and I was astonished to see 20 black duck-like birds with bright white bills frolicking in the water. Almost a quarter of a century in Arizona and I’d not seen any birds quite like that.

I called the manager over and asked about them. He said they were guinea fowls. “They show up every year about this time, stay about two days and disappear just as suddenly – apparently on their way to Wisconsin or Minnesota.”

They were flocked together; swimming, diving and swimming underwater, popping up, waddling up onto the grass lawn to check out possible snacks, then delightfully trooping over to the rock wall that bordered the lake and hurling themselves the 3 feet or so into the lake, enjoying themselves almost as much as I enjoyed watching them. What a treat!

Here’s a Google Image to give you a small idea…


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