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How To Find The Right Church…

An important point, overlooked in finding the right church, is what one feels once worship is finished. Extremely important.

The right church will leave us feeling that something important has happened. The time has been well spent. We feel a bit different about life and ourselves than we did when we entered the church.

Obviously, this can take many forms.

It could be inspiration. It could be a warm glow of inner satisfaction. It could be a sense of being disturbed. It could be a feeling of penitence or sorrow. It could be a determination to make a difference in the world around us. It could be a new sense of discovery and of understanding something we have wondered about. It could be a sense of having practiced the presence of God. It could involve the kind of happiness that comes from having been in connection with good friends. It could be the stimulation of having been stretched in some good way. It could be a feeling of wonder or awe.

It could be just a strange feeling that we are a bit different than we were before – the sense of having been touched by something authentic.

I found that during my search for a good church, the right church for me, I sometimes left worship a bit less of a person than I had been before. The time had been wasted. I hadn’t been stretched or inspired. I was mildly angry or depressed.

This is God’s way of telling us to move on. Every church can be the right church for someone. Blessed is the person who finds the church that is right for him/her!

A wise preacher once counseled a group of theologues that the purpose of preaching is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted. If church can do that for us, we are well advised to cleave to that church and give ourselves over to its ministries. It is the good church.


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