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I’ve Stayed Too Long At The Fair…

Yep. Sometimes the only options are to hold my coffee in one hand and slowly shake my grizzled head in wonder.

I read several pieces from teens and twenty-somethings each day on FaceBook and different blogs. It can be disquieting.

It seems that most of them are miserable WHERE THEY ARE and longing to be somewhere else. This never stops – a recurring theme. Suffering. Suffocating.

This morning a granddaughter who just returned from a vacation bemoans the fact that she is no longer there. Several comments from fellow students confess that they too are miserable because they aren’t somewhere else. This is a recurring pattern. They seem to wish they were back home, back at school, on a cruise, anyplace but where the cruel fates have placed them. One hopes that before long they learn the fine art of truly enjoying being where they are. That’s a significant part of maturity.

The second thing that raised my eyebrows this morning was the announcement that FaceBook is planning a new program that features a map that identifies at a glance where each of your “friends” are. It tracks their every movement.

I can imagine that certain personality types would be fascinated to be able to know exactly where Johnny or Mary might be. Parents would love to be able to track their kids or even their spouses by the minute. As an INTJ and a very private person, nothing would be worse. How open should one’s life be?

In my working days, I was one of those whose life was a matter of interest to many. I lived with that without problems. Knew it was like that when I signed on as clergy. But when I retired I quickly relished  my newly-found privacy. I realized that it was truly “none of anyone’s damned business” (to coin a phrase) where I was or what I was doing. What a happy relief! What a gift.

FaceBook can teach that lesson very quickly to a generation of people who long to be noticed – or something.


2 responses to “I’ve Stayed Too Long At The Fair…

  1. barry knister March 26, 2011 at 7:14 am

    Am I wrong in wondering what someone who cherishes his privacy is doing checking in on what appears to be a daily basis to Facebook? As for the young, I offer this theory: the reason so many of them express a wish to be somewhere else is that so many of them are not really experiencing wherever it is they are. To be a consciousness yammering or texting or blowing up electron asteroids floating across a laptop screen is not really to be somewhere, but to be a body extended in space, not much more. I attended a tennis match yesterday, and the tickets weren’t cheap. I sat next to a young man and his girlfriend. The young man was texting away as the match proceeded. He glanced up, smiled, then waved to the person I now realized he was texting, on the opposite end of the grandstand. I have a strong suspicion both of these people would have been just as happy or unhappy somewhere–anywhere–else.

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