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Ukulele – A Shot in the Dark…

I’m committed to the idea that old folks need to constantly stretch themselves, grow, expand their interests. While reflecting on this recently, I thought about learning to play a musical instrument. I never had. When in high school I was something of a jazz singer.

But that never amounted to much. I didn’t and don’t read music.

It occurred to me that a guitar might be a good place to start. After fishing around for encouragement, I thought this was, maybe, a blind alley. But was there something along that line simpler? A ukulele maybe? Found one on EBay and ordered it. It arrived the other day. Very pretty and after I finished photographing it and making it a bit more romantic with some apps, had to admit that it was something! I was really sailing along.

After that, I was left face to face with the little thing. I did the traditional “my dog has fleas” routine. All I had to do now was learn a few chords and strum it a bit. Maybe plan a concert of Mozart next week or so. Hire a manager. Who knows? Well, chords don’t come easily to me. Messing with your fingers – or worse – remembering WHERE you put your fingers.

I don’t know. Maybe I should stick to jazz singing. Only problem there is remembering the lyrics, which I can no longer do with any consistency.

I’ll think some more on this, but think a nice nap is in order.


2 responses to “Ukulele – A Shot in the Dark…

  1. suburbanlife April 28, 2011 at 8:11 am

    Roger… this is priceless – admitting to not reading music, forgetting lyrics, or where to put the fingers on the ukulele -v same thing with me and my current learning-to-dance mania…which is the left leg, where to put it, what is it supposed to move to next, etc.. Yes – keep singing the great Jazzstandards, but get a good libretto book to follow along. Me, I obsessively listen to Ella Fitz. sing “Miss Otis regrets”, so now I sort of remember the sequence of the story sung. Gotta love getting old. Keep chuckling! G

  2. Nikki April 30, 2011 at 5:21 am

    Oh come on! You give up so easily!! Keep trying! There’s no happier sound than a ukulele! 🙂 If Iz could do it, YOU can do it!

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