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Monthly Archives: May 2011

My Credo as a Confirmed Introvert…

Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say.
Staying home is doing something.
Managing my energy is a favor to myself and everyone around me.
I like who I like and that’s my right.
There’s nothing wrong with saying “no.”
I can love other people and still not be responsible for their good time. (Variation on a theme.)
Listening to bores is not my job.
Parties are supposed to be fun. When I stop having fun, it’s OK to leave.
My presence is a gift, not a requirement.
I know what I need better than anyone else.
Putting on my dog-and-pony show is optional. (This is a biggie for me. And what a relief!)

Wish I could take credit for this, but it came from Psychology Today

They have a fine blog that you might enjoy subscribing to if you share my dedicated weirdness. .


Twitter and FaceBook. What are they creating?

An editorial in this morning’s NYTimes raises the question: are Twitter and FaceBook creating a generation of air-heads – or does it just seem that way?

Please discuss…

When the Sun Comes Up in Arizona…

It’s a most dramatic scene…