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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Aha! At last a kindred spirit…

I’ve been hungry for a quote like this one for years. It says it all. At least in my humble opinion. Apply it to anything: religion, politics, eduction, family life – whatever. Life is basicly a mattter of creative insecurity.

OK. Here it is – for your “thought for the day” collection:

“Some People Are More Certain of Everything Than I Am Of Anything.”
by Susan Cain

Yes, yes, yes.


Son of a Gun…

Our eldest son, Roger, retires from UCLA. There is so much to tell about Professor Bourland. I wont even begin to try. If you would really like to know, Google Roger Bourland. You will be surprised.

Anyway, this photo came down and I copied it. I liked the Harvard Doctoral gown which we gave him upon his graduation ages ago. But the thing that really surprised me was the grey hair. My little boy? Bozie Badger? Ding? All the funny memories of a life half-spent together. Oh my! Or as he used to say: “Lions and Tigers and bears! Oh my!”

See for yourself.