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The other day Jo Ann wanted a bit more space in the frig for milk. She removed an almost empty gallon jug of milk and poured the remnant into a small, opaque water holder which I used for athletic moments and placed it into the now empty space.

Shortly thereafter, being thirsty for a slug of water I went to the frig, and pulled out my trusty water bottle. Expecting a refreshing icy slug of water, I took a generous swig.

The reaction was instantaneous, unfortunate and somewhat violent. I spewed the chalky liquid all over the kitchen floor, alarmed and nauseated at both the sight of white liquid coming from my mouth and the unexpected taste of milk.

You had to be there. Her case comes up Tuesday. Well, it SHOULD.


One response to “milk…

  1. SandySays1 July 16, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    My human can commiserate with you – He once put a yellow glass of iced tea in the refer and his Missus retrieved it, tossed out the contents, placed a dozen raw egg whites in it and returned it to said frig. Similar results with exceptions – glass and egg whites became floor decorations (some in pieces) – wife became incensed at loss of egg whites. Oh well, all things can’t end the same.

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