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Now, I’ve had quite a response to my recent post on my L.L. Bean slippers. (By “quite a response” I mean 3 notes and a long distance phone call from Kentucky – which for me is a record breaker.)

Anyway, more needs to be said. Wearing a pair of L.L. Bean slippers for 20 or so years and unashamedly wearing them “in public” is no disgrace. A badge of honor, I should think. Granted, they come to smell a bit and there are marks of distinguished aging, such as scuffs from rocks, stains from spilled liquids of different sorts and even a few neat little holes that developed when certain enthusiastic puppies were cutting their teeth across the years. Good memories!

These are things that can be easily dealt with if one’s spouse becomes unduly critical. A trip through the washer and dryer leaves them compromised, but now with marks of the aging process, proudly shared with all who would see. A few small strips of duct tape don’t do much for their appearance, but do cover up some of the rips, so offensive to some. I’ve noticed that during a rainstorm they keep your feet snug and dry. Mr Bean would be pleased.

At any rate, I want to assure those who do not understand the Bean mystique that they need to look closer at these noble objects that bring back so many wonderful memories. And to Sue Ann in Kentucky, I must say that Santa will NOT bring me 20 pairs of new slippers this Christmas. I don’t have that many readers…


3 responses to “Bean Snuggies…

  1. donnaronnebaum November 2, 2011 at 4:32 am

    Great post! As I read it… I am wearing a sweatshirt that is just about 30 years young… tattered at the neck and wrists… and, well, just about all over… but an old friend, indeed. A work horse for gardening… or cozying in. How versatile is that?! Long live the slippers!!!

  2. Janet Hudgins November 13, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    This photo has the feel and look of an Andrew Wyeth painting.


  3. maureenfernandez86 April 8, 2016 at 6:08 am

    una obra maestra. ojala se reunan y nos deleiten con mas musica de la buena… Click

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